Alright, this is the dawn of a new era. DRUMS & NIK INCLUDED. There are quite a few more things that will be added here eventually.
Somebody's Got An Erection
Somebody's Got An Erection (Extended Version)
A real jem. Singing by the Legendary Nik.
Longer version, with a drum solo and a lousy guitar solo. Nik losing his mind.
Please right click and do Save Target As.
Louie Louie
I Just Wanna Be Free
Rob and Jonnee's fantastic thing.
Rob and Jon-o-matic did this. Jonn's singing, again. No drums. Improvised.
Go Away Don't Criticize Me
Digital Us
RCD cover. Alex singing, mostly. This is better than their version.
Political satire on the current status of electronics and computers in the western world. The song the Man didn't didn't want you hear! Rob on the keyboard, Alex playing the voice.